Athletic Mouthguards – Towson, MD

Keep Your Young Athletes Safe!

Teen athlete with custom athletic mouthguard

It’s always rewarding to see your child play a sport that they really love. Unfortunately, in almost any kind of athletic activity – including those that are normally low contact – there’s a chance for the fun to be interrupted by a blow to the mouth that breaks or knocks out a tooth. Make sure that the young athletes in your family always keep their smiles safe with custom athletic mouthguards fromour Towson, MD pediatric dentist. Call us today to learn more details about a custom-made mouthguard for your child.

Why Choose Kids Dental Space for Athletic Mouthguards?

  • Long-Lasting Custom Mouthguards
  • No-Mess Digital Impression System
  • Friendly, Welcoming Dental Team

How are Mouthguards Made?

Mouthguard mold prior to shaping

The mouthguards that you might find at a store are generally pre-formed, or they need to be boiled so that they can be made to match the shape of your child’s teeth. But at Kids Dental Space, we design mouthguards based on impressions of the smile so that they’re a perfect fit right from the start. It usually takes a couple of appointments to get a mouthguard: one to take the impressions and one to pick up the appliance after it arrives at our dental office.

Benefits of Using a Custom Mouthguard

Child placing custom mouthguard
  • A custom mouthguard provides an exact fit for your teeth and gums, unlike the one-size-fits-all appliances you can buy over the counter.
  • Most children find custom mouthguards to be more comfortable and are more likely to wear them without having to be “reminded.”
  • The improved fit of a custom mouthguard means that it provides better protection for the mouth as a whole.
  • Custom mouthguards tend to be more durable than store-bought ones, making them more cost-effective in the long run.