Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment – Towson, MD

Free Your Child’s Mouth

Mother holding smiling baby after lip and tongue tie treatment

Lip and tongue ties can cause your child a lot of problems when breastfeeding or trying to learn to speak. When the movement of the lips and tongue is restricted, it can have serious long-term effects on oral development. But the good news is that lip and tongue ties aren’t conditions that your child needs to live with. At Kids Dental Space, Dr. Roxanne can gently get rid of the tissues causing these problems with lip and tongue tie treatment in our Towson, MD childrne's dental office, so lip and tongue tie doesn't affect your little one’s growth.

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What are Lip Ties & Tongue Ties?

Baby with lip and tongue tie

The lips are attached to the rest of the mouth by oral tissues called frenula. There is also a frenulum that keeps the tongue attached to the bottom of the mouth. Sometimes a frenulum is thicker or malformed, and that makes it more difficult for your child to move their lips or tongue. Sometimes your child will simply grow out of this condition, but in other cases, it will need to be addressed before it has a detrimental effect on the mouth’s development.

Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment

Baby smiling after lip and tongue tie treatment

The treatment for lip and tongue tie is called a frenectomy. After examining the frenulum, we will use our laser technology so that it’s no longer restricting the rest of the mouth. There are few nerve endings or blood vessels in the frenulum, so discomfort is kept to a minimum. The procedure can be completed very quickly, and we’ll be very gentle with your child the entire time so that they stay as comfortable as possible.